Eagle Lake RV Resort                             

                   Seasonal, Monthly, Weekly Get-away Community

                      Just 40 minutes east of Calgary. Near Strathmore, Alberta, Canada

Our "Pleases" 

Additional rules around Covid-19 must be followed,consequences may include eviction without refund.

​Gates are locked from 11 pm - 8 am during high season and 10 pm to 8:40 am during low season.
Limited access outside of these hours may be pre-arranged on a case by case basis. 
In case of EMERGENCY come to the store/office and read the sign with further instructions.

Alcohol is to be consumed at your site only. It is against the law to have open containers of liquor elsewhere in the park.  Cannabis can be consumed only in designated cannabis smoking area(s) and must not be in view or smell of other patrons. We prefer you consume marijuana in a non-smoking format and may ban the smoking of cannabis entirely if it becomes problematic. 

Speed limit is 10 km an hour from the time you enter the park off Range Road 243. There are speed bumps and dips throughout the park. All traffic is to remain on the roads. Licensed drivers only.
Vehicles, RV's, etc. are not to be washed, maintained or repaired at the resort.​

No trail bikes, ATV's, dirt bikes or other off-road vehicles. This includes child-sized versions and battery operated "cars." Exceptions may be made for children with disabilities. Please come to the store/office if this is the case.

Quiet time begins at 11 pm. All music off at 11, down by 9:30. No bass boosters at any time. No music deemed offensive by management.

Pets must be on a leash, under control and scooped after. They are not allowed in buildings or on the swim beach, but the health inspector does allow them on the Dog Beach. Do not leave your pet unattended. You may be asked to remove your pet from the park if these rules are not followed. We have three off-leash areas in the park. See our paper map or our app for details. 

Please move your tents every 3 days, or set up on the gravel.

No mats on the grass.

Fires must be small, supervised and extinguished before bed. No pallets, painted wood, or nails. Use designated fire pits only, do NOT move fire pits.  No portable wood-burning firepits.  Propane fire-pits must sit in our metal fire-pits or on the gravel parking or deck pad.

Fire bans may be instituted by government or resort authorities, and must be followed.

Garbage is to be put in the dumpster; the cans are for small litter only. A comprehensive RECYCLING shed is near the dump station.  No construction material, mattresses, furniture, bbqs etc. 

No formaldehyde-based sewer chemical. Dumping is included in your camp fee. Happy Camper septic treatment is sold in our store.
Vandalism will not be tolerated. This includes cutting of vegetation or damage to resort property or damage to other camper's possessions. Vandals may be charge to the full extent of the law, billed for damages, and/or evicted.

Mistreatment of animals will not be tolerated. Evictions, veterinary charges, and/or legal charges may result.


No firearms, slingshots, bows and arrows, or other weapons.

No drones.

No business on site.

GENERATOR HOURS - 11 am to 1 pm, and 4 pm to 6 pm only. Our patrons appreciate the quiet times in between.