Eagle Lake RV Resort                             

                   Seasonal, Monthly, Weekly Get-away Community

                      Just 40 minutes east of Calgary. Near Strathmore, Alberta, Canada

Covid-19 Response Plan as of April 16

  Hello all,
  It has been a couple of interesting weeks here with ever-changing information regarding the opening and running of         campgrounds during the Covid 19 crisis.  These guidelines can change at any time as well so be prepared for more updates.

  Guidelines for Opening and Operating a Private Campground in Alberta in spring (and maybe summer) of 2020
  Only facilities that "offer long-term accommodation for users (greater than four weeks) or where the site is the user's     primary accommodation are being recommended to remain open", AHS says. "Campgrounds that choose to remain open     would be expected to implement strict control measures to prevent COVID-19 spread."

  (I have paraphrased for clarity as it pertains to Eagle Lake RV Resort)

  Serviced camping only, units must have their own toilet and shower facilities.
​  The park's water system needs to be up and running. 

  No unserviced or tent camping. 

  Playgrounds, the mini-golf and other recreation areas that use shared equipment provided by the campground
  need to be  closed. 

  All stand-alone comfort-stations (washrooms and showers and laundry) should be closed.
  Park entrance should be secured by a physical barrier when not staffed by an attendant.
  Campers need to put their own garbage into the dumpster provided by park management. There are to be no collection       services. No recycling except returnables. No take-it-or-leave-it.
 Limit Campground Capacity.

 Campers should be provided with appropriate information about COVID-19 prevention measures and precautions
 both at the gate during check-in and check-out and through the use of signage throughout the campgrounds.

  Recommended: Social/physical distancing
 Sites should be at least 30 feet wide. Exceptions may be made for seassonal and long-term stays. 
 No visitors to seasonals or campers. This includes both day and/or overnight visitors. 
 Campground operators must offer camper contact-free registration options.
 You (and your dog) may walk around the campground, but 2 meters "social distance" is required.
 Provided there is no fire ban, and guests are abiding by the requirement to keep to groups of less than 5 individuals who all   live in the same household, fires would be permitted.

 Additionally, we will not be running programs, some recreation areas or the store (except for pre-ordered wood and   propane) for the foreseeable future.
 So basically, we can open to seasonals and monthlies, once the water is on. Only serviced camping is allowed and all units   must be self-contained. We must keep showers and washrooms and laundry locked. You must be able to empty your own   sewer and use our dump-station or purchase the pump-out option so we can do it for you.
 As it takes several days to turn on and test the water, I am saying that we will be open to our serviced seasonals and pre-   registered monthlies starting Friday May 8 (barring changes in the guidelines). If we can open to you earlier we will, but   we should be able to meet these requirements by May 8.

 Thank you for your patience and understanding during the challenging times. 

 ​Leslie Pringle

 Thank you to the hard-working teams at the CCRVC, RVDA, PCOAA, and of course AHS for these guidelines.

 CCRVC-Canada Camping and Recreational Vehicle Council

 PCOAA-Private Campground Operator's Association of Alberta

 RVDA-Recreational Vehicle Dealer's Association of Alberta

 AHS-Alberta Health Services