Eagle Lake RV Resort      

                                        Quiet family camping in the country since 1992.                     

                         Just 40 minutes east of Calgary. Near Strathmore, Alberta, Canada

Emergency Procedures


If you find a child who appears to be lost, please contact the office.  If you are volunteering in the case of a search, follow staff direction. Please have a description of your child, better yet a recent photo that we can copy and distribute to staff.  Have a person who the child will recognize that can stay at your site and another to stay at the office. 


Immediately take shelter in a building or car. If caught outside, stay away from tall objects (trees, poles, wires, fences) and avoid open water. Seek a low-lying area, and avoid being the highest point in an open area.

Once indoors, stay away from all electrical appliances, doors, windows, fireplaces, and anything that can conduct electricity.


In case of a wind event, follow staff direction.

You may be sent to the Pavilion, or to one of two ditches - located on the north and south sides of the park.


Alert staff immediately to the location and size of fire.