Eagle Lake RV Resort                             

   Seasonal and long-term camping.                ~family fun in a quiet country campground~

Just 40 minutes east of Calgary! 

Frequently Asked Questions​​​​​​​

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What is your season in 2017? 
We open on Friday May 5, then close in the early evening on Sunday September 10.
​Our last night of camping will be Saturday September 9. 

What are your hours?
During our operating season: 

Our GATE hours are 7 am to 11 pm

Our OFFICE hours are: Low Season May 5 to June 29 then again August 7 to September 10

                                    Fridays to Sundays (and Mondays on long weekends) 10 am to 8 pm  

                                    Mondays to Thursdays 2 pm to 8 pm 
                                    High Season  June 30 to August 6
                                    7 days per week 10 am to 8 pm 

To register for camping between 8 pm and 11 pm, call 403 934 4283 before 8 pm to make arrangements.

Day-use is available starting at 7 am. Please come back to the office at 10 am to register.
Remember to bring your license plate number for your parking tag.

Tell me about the lake.

Our lake is shallow, sandy-bottomed, and warms up quickly, making a great choice for family fun. Like many prairie lakes it can get algae in the hot summer months, so some people still use it, some people prefer to enjoy our numerous land-based fun zones instead. 
Once in a while we get blue-green algae, so most people don't use it while there is an active bloom. These conditions change rapidly, sometimes green, sometimes clear. In other words, it is the same as many other prairie lakes, such as Gull, Aspen, Pine lakes.

More information on blue-green algae can be found on the Alberta Health Services website or by calling 811. The important thing to note is that the lake is usable, if there is an algae bloom, just avoid the algae.  

In the summer we do get some well-defined weed patches, which is actually good for fishing, as they provide shade. The weeds may make it challenge to start your engine close to shore, but being a shallow lake it is easy to wade or paddle past the weeds. 

We do NOT have swimmer's itch.

We have heard of only a few leeches, that was quite a few summers ago now.

The average depth of the lake is 5' to 8' with holes down to 22' or so.

You can also find out more about the fish by looking at the Fishing question on this page.

How does your boat launch work?

To use the boat launch when you are not a camper, you can buy a day-use pass.

It is a shallow launch into a shallow lake. It is concrete, and there is no point backing your vehicle off the launch. It is a sand bottomed lake, so does not get deeper for quite a ways, and you will likely get stuck. Tow trucks to get your vehicle out of the lake are expensive.

In 2015, shallow-hulled craft up to 14 feet deep were getting in. Deep V hulls generally do not launch well here. It helps if you have a tilt trailer or rollers with larger boats.
In 2016 boats 10' to 12' were getting in, then we had a lot of rain and were back up to 16'ers getting in! 

2017 has been a dry year so the lake level has dropped some.  As of mid-July, boats about 14' with shallow hulls and low trailers (preferably with rollers instead of skids) are getting in. 

We do not bring in heavy equipment to dig out a launching trough, as the sand just settles back in. When we tried it many years ago, we dug a 4 foot wide trench, 8 feet long, and it silted back in within 48 hours.

Can I sea-doo here?

You can. It's  a shallow lake, don't be surprised to see children out further than you may expect. Please go a long way from shore and well away from the park before powering up.  We can get a lot of weeds along the shoreline in late summer, this can make starting your engine a challenge. Luckily, because it is shallow, it is easy to wade past the weeds before you fire up your personal watercraft. 

Please do not go fast near any shorelines, as your wake can damage bird nests.

Look at the questions on boat launching and the lake for more information.

What kind of fish are in the lake? How many can I keep?

We have walleye, perch, and pike! In 2016 THERE WERE NEW LIMITS.  

May 8 to March 15 - Walleye limit 0 over 50 cm; Pike limit 0 over 63 cm; Perch limit 15; Burbot limit 10.   These regulations are for our fishing area, Prairie Parkland 1.  http://www.albertaregulations.ca/fishingregs/

March 16 to May 7 - Fishing Season CLOSED

Please note the park is closed from mid-September to the beginning of May each year. There is NO access while we are closed.

If you are looking for trout fishing, that is a different Eagle Lake, in the mountains. :-) 

Are any of your sites on the beach?

None of our sites are right on the beach per se, but none are more than a couple of minutes' walk away, either. We have left the beach area available for all to enjoy, rather than a select few.

Why do you charge a day-use fee?

Day use fees help cover the cost of having people here at the park. There is wear and tear on the roads, play areas, and other common facilities. The toilets need cleaned and pumped out whether you are here for the day or overnight. We maintain the beach and have a dedicated day-use area with picnic tables and fire pits right by the beach.

You are welcome to join in any campground-wide activities such as the feeding programs, hayrides or special events at no extra charge. 

It is your choice if you want to use these extras or not, we make them available to you.

There is a windsurfing rigging up area that has a few obstacles as possible in it and a ramp into the lake. Kite surfers can use this area too. 

Many of our windsurfers have asked why they have to pay something when there is nothing there.  The ironic thing is that nothing costs something. By keeping it as open as possible there is room to spread out sails and lines and for the wind to blow freely.  We would actually make more money by developing the area, say by adding premium seasonal sites, but then it wouldn't be as good for wind sports. 

Why do you charge visitors to campers? 

Visitors pay the day use fee because they have full access to all the things day-users have access to.  It is the visitor's choice about whether or not to walk along the beach, use the birdwatching blind, join in the activities that we have that day.  Sewer, garbage, maintenance, all costs the resort time and money.  Day-users and visitors are charged less than campers because they spend less time here. 

If we had a free day-use/visitors we would have a great deal of unpaid use by locals and Calgarians.  Our camping rates would have to be much higher in order to cover all the costs of having so many people here at no charge. 

Occasionally people will stop by just for a "coffee" with a registered camper.  Ask us to timestamp your receipt.  If you are here for an hour or less visiting a camper then you can bring your receipt back in for a refund.  You are welcome to enjoy this opportunity once per day. 

Why don't you ask the government for more money?  

We do not get ANY outside funding whatsoever. No agencies, clubs, government, foundations, give money to the campground.  None, Zero.  Everything we need to run Eagle Lake RV Resort must be generated by us.  We are a completely independent camping facility, run in a business-like way, generating funds to cover expenses.  Our goal is to have a beautiful, tranquil park, staffed by happy and well-trained workers. 
In 2016 we were the lucky recepients of a $2500 grant from the Recreational Vehicle Dealer's Association of Alberta!

Why do I pay a reservation fee?  Why do I pay my camping fees up front? 

Our reservation system requires specialized software, computers, printers, a building and well trained staff.  All of this takes time and money.  We have people working in March so that we can take your reservations and save the Friday night stress of lining up and hoping for a spot.   Charging the fees at the time of booking gives us enough cash flow to bring staff in, train them and have them taking bookings before we even open the gates.  

Our office team needs guaranteed hours and wages so that they can do their best for you.  They need to be trained, usually for two weeks, before they can even start answering the phone, taking bookings, sending out confirmations and prepping each day's arrival information.  In the meantime, we have a team of groundskeepers who are getting the park ready.  They start two to three weeks before the park is open.  

Reservations are not required for you to camp here, but they are recommended as we tend to be very busy.  

When will there be Wi-fi?

As soon as there is a company that can get us enough bandwith in our rural location.  We are approached every year by companies that say they can do it, but then they realize that there simply isn't availability in our sparsely populated location.  

In our office we run two different internet services concurrently just to make sure that we have enough internet to do what we need to each day.  Sorry, we cannot share this with our guest at this time.  

In the meantime, many people have found that their phone provider's "airsticks" work well for their needs and most full-timers and crews that we have had stay with us are now self-sufficient in the internet department.  

Why do you use one -ply toilet paper? 

Don't laugh-we are asked this on a regular basis!  We are on a septic system and the fancy two-ply papers don't break down quickly enough.  This can lead to a plugged up sewer systems and if you think scratchy toilet paper is inconvenient, wait until the sewer doesn't work!

Why are there not flush toilets and showers at the beach? 

The water table is very high in the area and it is close to the lake so we cannot have a septic field there.  Everything must go into a tank then be pumped out and hauled to the city for legal disposal.

Can I use the dump station if I am not camped there?

Day-users and non-campers may dump for a $20 fee. No formaldehyde-based sewer chemical.
Please pay at the office before dumping.
If you are camped here then dumping is included in your camp fee. 

That dog park seems pretty small for my big dog.  

We could provide a small dog park or no dog park. When we can, we will build a bigger one, and the smaller one will remain as a puppy park for shy or tiny dogs.  

In the meantime, we thought something was better than nothing. 

I have a question...

Feel free to email us questions you would like to see answered on this page.