Ready for Leadership? consider one of these positions.​

As the Opening Shift Team Lead you are responsible for checking and opening the buildings, preparing the Welcome Centre and rental equipment for the day and coordinating the day's work with the other team leads.
The goal is to have the whole team working efficiently to ensure our guest's happiness.  The rest of the day you will be mainly working with guests.

As the Closing Shift Team Lead you will be working with guests for the bulk of the day. After the Welcome Centre shuts you will cash out, balance, run occupancy reports and prepare data analysis in a variety of areas.  You will also walk the grounds, ensuring all is quiet and in good order, including washrooms, before leaving for the night.  When we are closed to the public there is flexibility on the days and hours of work, as well as on the tasks.  The work could be seasonal, April to October, or year round.  This position is great if you want a career in the hospitality industry.

Both Opening and Closing Team leads require a professional fluency in both spoken and written English.
Computer experience with PCs is required. Knowledge of Windows 10 and spreadsheets is an asset.  
These positions could include upkeep of our social media dependent on your skills and interests.  

As Grounds Team Lead you will organize the grounds work, especially grass-cutting, site and common area cleaning, beach clean-up, trailer sewer pump-outs, perform or assist with repairs to campground property, etc.  You will also help coordinate and ensure documentation of safety checks and scheduled machine and equipment maintenance.  The position runs from April to mid-October and is best suited for someone looking for to return for several summers in a row.
As it is primarily  outside work you need to be willing to work outside in all weather. 

Our Machine Maintenance and Fix-It Person  needs to be a "jack-of-all-trades" type with a strong mechanical background. You will maintain, troubleshoot and maintain our machines and grounds equipment. The ability to assess and repair damages to structures and common shared items such as playgrounds is paramount. Documentation of all repairs and on-going procedures is mandatory.
Are you a night-owl in good shape?  If so, you may be perfect as our Late Night Hospitality person.  You are friendly, yet firm and fair, making sure that guests are quietly enjoying the park as well as taking care of after-hours check-ins. Although we rarely have trouble, you must be prepared for any kind of emergency.  A self-motivated problem-solver would be happy in this position.  It is well-suited for someone living on site. 

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